Tenerife Catamaran

The highest ranked and best large catamaran on Trip Advisor in Tenerife !

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The highest ranked and best large catamaran on Trip Advisor in Tenerife !

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MustCat Tenerife Catamaran

MustCat Tenerife Catamaran is the highest ranked and best large catamaran on Trip Advisor in Tenerife !

What To Expect From MustCat Tenerife Catamaran...


If you're looking for a Tenerife Catamaran there are actually quite a few to choose from surprisingly. However, with most large catamarans and boats in Tenerife you can expect to find up to 190+ other people on board which can be a bit of a squeeze let's be honest. With MustCat Tenerife Catamaran the capacity is significantly lower (around 70 passengers). There's plenty of space to move around and watch the wildlife.

Food & Drink on MustCat Tenerife Catamaran

Many catamarans in Tenerife offer food and drink but that's usually ONLY with trips of 3 hours or more. On MustCat Tenerife you have an open bar for the entire duration of the trip (either 3 or 4.5 hours) and food is also included.

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Whale & Dolphin Watching With MustCat Tenerife Catamaran

Whales are pretty much guarunteed all year round and here's why: The whales are residents, they live between Tenerife and La Gomera so they are pretty easy to find and as they are night feeders they typically spend the daytime resting on the surface of the sea.

Typically with MustCat Tenerife we will find either whales or dolphins on our trips and quite often we find both.

Dolphins are a little shyer but we do see them and many of our trips also find turtles.


At some point in the excursion the boat usually anchors by a beach to allow the passengers to swim so please bring your swimmers !

Or enjoy the bar & food !

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About MustCat Tenerife

We are a family run business, we don't simply process passengers like some of the larger catamarans in Tenerife. We care. We want you and your family to have a fantastic time and we work hard to ensure that your excursion becomes a memorable part of your holiday in Tenerife.

MustCat Tenerife Catamaran Reviews

Just take a look at our reviews to see how well we do and what our customers think of us.

Reviews are the lifeblood of any excursions company and this is where we excel. From the moment you make your booking to when you board and leave Muctcat Tenerife Catamaran you will see for yourself just how much we focus on customer service.

Come aboar MustCat Tenerife Catamaran and find out for yourself just how we can make your holiday special.


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